About us

IMANI is a think tank, educating society on the benefits of a free economy and policy issues concerning business,government and civil society. IMANI was ranked 5th most influential think in Africa 2010 by FP magazine.


Advancing freedom and prosperity

Organization Overview

IMANI is a Ghanaian think tank dedicated to fostering public awareness of important policy issues concerning business, government and civil society. In 2009, The Foreign Policy Magazine named IMANI, the fifth most influential think tank in Africa. In 2010, IMANI was the only named African think tank ranked in the top 25 most innovative think tanks in the world by the joint United Nations University and Pennsylvania University Global Think tanks Programme.IMANI has had a number of constructive engagements with important government and non-governmental agencies. We are constantly invited to closed-door pre-budget meetings with government. IMANI was recently, (2010) consulted in a two-hour telephone interview by the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister’s office on how to make effective use of British aid in Africa.

IMANI has over 50 media allies in Africa. Like other public policy think tanks, we produce high-quality, relevant research. We distinguish ourselves when it comes to media impact, and especially when it comes to our capacity to reach out to ordinary citizens through a wide variety of mass-circulation newspapers, the internet and appearances on popular television and radio shows. We can say that “pound for pound,” we have by far the highest media profile of any think tank in West Africa.

IMANI won two John Templeton Foundation awards for advancing the institutional foundations of the free and democratic society in 2006 and the inaugural $100,000 Antony & Dorian Fisher award for the most innovative and dynamic African think tank, (beating 180 think tanks across the globe to it).

Further Recognition

Ishac Diwan, World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Africa Region,(Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana) -
“IMANI has grown, within a short time of its existence, to become a stalwart for encouraging reality-based solutions to a complex array of economic and social problems in and beyond Ghana. IMANI is known to highlight those critical areas of economic and political policy that find resonance across the artificial borders of Africa. The think-tank courts audience from important policy makers and drives policy matters to the very top of the priority lists of African governments and their allies in the intergovernmental and non-governmental communities. The World Bank has on a number of occasions, collaborated with IMANI, as a whole, and with its fellows.